Plans and Pricing

Upgrade to an Aristotle‘s Digital Voice Plan in three easy steps.
Then customize your plan with great optional features.

With proven savings over traditional phone systems, Aristotle Digital Voice offers plans for businesses of all sizes. We work with you to design the system that best fits your business needs. Pick your plan in two easy steps and customize your plan with optional features.

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Step 1 Choose Your Plan

View plan pricing based on the number of phone users (seats) you will need. All plans include Advanced Call Features, free calls to the U.S. and Canada, user-friendly Admin Portal and Free 24/7 Technical Support.*

Tier Seats Per Seat Monthly
1 1–10 $34.95
2 11–20 $29.95
3 21–50 $24.95
4 51+ $19.95
Conference / Break Room $14.95

Step 2 Add Call-Quality Control

Aristotle’s required Call-Quality Control firewall shapes the traffic on your network to ensure that calls get priority on the network and that you enjoy crystal-clear call quality. View pricing based on the number of phone users (seats) you will need. Incudes a two-year warranty.

Seats Per Seat Monthly
1–20 $22.30
21–50 $29.90
51–125 $48.90
125+ request a quote

Step 3 Pick Your Phones

Aristotle offers a full line of feature-rich IP phones — perfect for any size office with any number of users!* Our Digital Voice specialists will help you determine the best phones for your office needs.

Phone Type Model Monthly Cost
Standard T23G $3.95
Attendant T46G $8.50
Cordless W52P $6.50
Enterprise T42G $5.95
Conference CP860 $22.50
Break Room T23G $3.95

Custom Options

Additional Features

Customize your Digital Voice system by adding the advanced features below to your plan.

Direct to Desk Dialing  - $1.25 per seat monthly

Use a number, independent of the primary business line, to directly contact users at their extensions.

800 Numbers - $7.50 per number monthly (200 min. maximum)

Allows customers and contacts to call your business free of charge from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Call Recording  - $5.95 per seat monthly

Record incoming and outgoing calls for quality control and review.

Conference Bridging  - $5.95 per month plus one-time $15.50 set-up fee

The Conference Bridging feature connects several people into one conference call.

Auto Attendant  - $5.95 monthly plus one-time $12.95 set-up fee

The Auto Attendant greets callers and presents options to direct the caller to the appropriate person or department. (i.e. Press 1 for sales, or 2 for support)

Threat Protection & Monitoring

Advanced Fortigate firewall provides data system protection and breach prevention that blocks potential threats and removes harmful viruses and malware. Include Monitoring to monitor bandwidth usage and to identify programs using the most bandwidth on your network.

Threat Protection

Advanced data system protection and breach prevention service blocks potential threats and removes harmful viruses and malware.

1–20 Seats – $17.95 monthly

21–50 Seats – $27.95 monthly

51+ Seats – $45.95 monthly

Threat Protection + Monitoring

Add monitoring to your FortiGate threat protection service to optimize system performance. Monitor bandwidth and identify programs using the most bandwith.

1–20 Seats – $21.90 monthly

21–50 Seats – $38.90 monthly

51+ Seats – $67.90 monthly

International Calling at Lower Rates

Aristotle Digital Voice plans include free long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada. We can also enable your digital voice system to make international calls to specific countries at rates lower than traditional phone services. Tell your Aristotle Digital Voice Specialist about your international calling needs.

* Minimal system installation fees may apply.



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