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Aristotle Digital Voice provides you with more advanced call features than traditional PBX and landline systems. Aristotle’s VoIP Specialists will train you and your staff on how to use the powerful new features of your digital voice system.

Aristotle Digital Voice

Aristotle Digital Voice plans include the basic features offered by traditional phone systems plus many more advanced features in all our standard plans. Click on any Advanced Feature in the list to view a description of how that feature functions


Standard Features

Caller I.D.

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Call Transfer


PLUS Advanced Features

Call Park

Call parking allows users to place an active call on hold using a holding extension. Any staff member in the call parking group can retrieve this call. After parking a call users can continue to make and receive calls, or use any other features.

3-way Conferencing

The Three-way conferencing feature allows a user to make one call that connects with two other parties. All three parties can communicate with each other simultaneously.

Extension Dialing

Call co-workers simply by dialing their extensions, even if they work at a different location. Every staff member is part of the same calling network.

Music on Hold

Play music or customize messaging for customers or clients while they are on hold.

Do Not Disturb

The Do not Disturb function ignores calls to a user's phone. Callers can be redirected to voicemail or to an alternate extension.

Call Continuity

If an emergency occurs and calls can no longer be routed to your phone device (i.e. power outage, fire, storm), the system will route calls to a designated back-up device such as a cell phone, smart device, or an alternate number to keep you in continual contact with customers.

Free Long Distance
(U.S. & Canada)

Calls to the United States and Canada are included in the standard Digital Voice service, eliminating monthly long distance bills. International calling can be enabled at lower rates than standard telecom rates.

Call Mobility

Staffers can use the phone system regardless of their location or calling device. Make and receive calls using a desktop phone, PC, Laptop, tablet, or smartphone any where in the world you can connect to the internet.

Simultaneous Rings

For users who are on the go, the system can ring office phones, cell phones, and an alternate extension all at the same time. Never miss a call again.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are sent to an e-mail of your choice. Listen to your voicemail messages directly from your computer or smart device.

Office Phone to Cell

Forward office calls to the SnapMobile app on a smartphone or simply have calls forwarded directly to your phone. Either option allows you to take your work with you.

Office Admin Portal

Every user has an online Office Admin Portal that allows a user to manage and use his/her account. A user can edit account details, make calls, set up call forwarding rules, view call history, and review voicemails.

Ring Groups

The hunt group feature allows a user to dial one phone number or extension and have it ring multiple users within that group. Hunt groups can be set to ring the users simultaneously, in a specific order or designated priority.

Optional Features

Choose from the list below to add optional features to your Aristotle Digital Voice plan. Click on any feature to view a description of how that feature functions. View Optional Features pricing on the Plans and Pricing Page.

Conference Bridging

The Conference Bridging feature connects several people into one conference call.

Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant greets callers and presents options to direct the caller to the appropriate person or department. (i.e. Press 1 for sales, or 2 for support)

800 Numbers

Allows customers and contacts to call your business free of charge from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Direct to Desk Dialing

Use a number, independent of the primary business line, to directly contact users at their extensions.

Call Recording

Record incoming and outgoing calls for quality control and review.

Internet Fax

Use our analog telephone adapter to send fax messages through the web using standard analog fax machines.

Call Queue

Callers can remain on the phone while they wait for the staff to answer. Callers may be given on hold prompts and listen to on hold music or customized messaging. Calls are directed to available staff in the order they are received.


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